Be a part of the legend, tires built for performance.

Owned and operated by Tireco, Inc., Milestar Tires is an American company which has been in business since 1972. It has its headquarters in Gardena, California. Its main line of tires includes options for passenger vehicles, SUVs, light trucks, UHP (Ultra-High Performance) vehicles, and medium- to heavy-duty trucks.

Tireco Inc.’s gigantic inventory also means there is a massive selection to choose from. Milestar Tires was created to serve as the parent company’s budget brand, offering high-quality options at more affordable prices. Fortunately, the smaller price tags don’t equal diminished results.

Furthermore, Milestar Tires offers versions for drivers with specific needs beyond just their vehicle type. There are tread designs for all-season performance, all-season touring, summer performance, SUV highway performance, all-terrain needs, and the specific requirements of commercial vans. They even make special lines for heavy-duty trucks which are designed to reduce operating costs and losses associated with downtimes caused by blowouts.

Milestar Tires’ products are a good reminder you don’t need to spend a fortune on safe, durable, long-lasting tires. If you’re looking for new tires, their catalog deserves consideration.