Quality assured engineering built into every tire.

Taiwan is well known for its many reputable tire manufacturers. As the country’s oldest manufacturer, Nankang Tires enjoys an enviable distinction among its competitors. The company was originally the result of a group of engineers coming together with a shared passion for creating a superior tire. It was later incorporated in 1959.

Today, it has two plants in Taiwan – its namesake in Nankang and another in HsinFung. It also eventually opened one in mainland China, which ensured it could leverage the economy of scale to meet global demand for its tires.

In the decades which followed, the company’s hard work paid off, as it expanded from Taiwan’s domestic market to hundreds of countries across the globe. Nankang Tires also earned Ford Motor Company’s Q1 recognition in 1987,

Aside from selling directly to customers, Nankang Tires also supplies other reputable brands like Milestar, Geostar, and Provato with high-quality products. Altogether, more than 300 suppliers all over the world sell Nankang Tires.

Their options include:

  • All-Season Tires
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Mud-Terrain Tires
  • Passenger Tires
  • Performance Tires
  • Summer Tires
  • Touring Tires
  • Truck / SUV Tires

While each category features a wide selection, one of their most notable varieties is their low-rolling resistance line of ECO tires.

Nankang Tires offers a fantastic selection which features a mix of high-performance options and more affordable versions. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, if you’re in the market, check out what this manufacturer has to offer.