What Is TreadHunter Prime?

The TreadHunter Prime package provides all the features of the TreadHunter Standard package (an Internet presence, eCommerce purchasing, etc.) and adds many more very valuable features.

Receive Leads When a consumer is interested in a tire advertised in your vicinity, we will notify you immediately upon capturing his or her information. This will allow you to contact the consumer right as they are doing their research to purchase a particular tire.
Highlight Your Store Your store will be well highlighted in many areas of the TreadHunter site. Your store (and promotions, if you are running any) will be displayed on the home page to all consumers in your area. In addition, your store and promotions will be shown on the tire search results page for searches in your area.
Search Results Your store will sort to the top of the search results when a consumer searches for a tire. In addition, it will be highlighted with a “TreadHunter Featured Seller” badge to further differentiate your store from your competitors.
Promotions Unlimited brand and store promotions onto the storefront

Post manufacturer rebates

Local deals and coupons on TreadHunter front page automatically bypassing search pages

Stores highlighted in social media ads and links

Offer deals easily online to support instore and other media campaigns

Minimum Installation Appointment Window

When a consumer views tires on your storefront, he/she has the option to set an appointment time to purchase and install the tires. If you have come on board with TreadHunter through a distributor relationship, they may have already told us the minimum lead time for your store based on the distance from their warehouse, etc., so you cannot set your minimum installation appointment window shorter than that. You may also desire to set your window a little bit longer than the distributor’s window to allow for any delays.

The system default for this minimum installation appointment window is 48 hours. If you wish to change it, please update it here:

My Stores (My Account/My Stores), then click Edit next to the store and the Edit Minimum Appointment Window link will be next to the Installation Charges table.

Installation Charges

In addition to the price of the tires and any applicable state, municipal, or store fees, your store may charge for installation of the tires. TreadHunter strives to represent the full price that a consumer will be charged upon installation, so it is important to keep your installation charges as accurate as possible. You should set these prices by selecting My Account/My Tires and clicking “Entire Account” to set the charges for every store in your account or “[Store Name]” to set the charges for only the single store.

Most stores have a higher installation cost for larger rim sizes. If your store has a single cost regardless of size, you may check the “Use single install cost for all sizes?” checkbox when editing the charges and the same cost will be used for all sizes (including run-flat).

What happens when a consumer wants your tires?

When a consumer finds the tires they want from your store, they can view the complete estimated charges for the tires and set up an appointment with your store to have the tires installed. They can choose two preferred times and days to have them installed.

  • You will receive an email with the details of the tires, including the desired appointment times and the consumer’s information
  • If you are a Premium Plan subscriber and you have the TreadHunter Mobile app installed on your phone or tablet, you will receive an instant notification of the purchase
  • You should log into TreadHunter and approve one of the consumer’s desired appointment times under the Appointments tab on My TreadHunter (My Account/Appointments). If neither time is available for you, you should call the consumer to make alternative arrangements.


Additional fees and taxes

When a consumer finds the tires they want from your store, TreadHunter displays an estimated cost of the tires including fees and installation charges. TreadHunter automatically adds state-wide fees to a consumer’s estimated cost, but if you have additional municipal or storewide disposal fees, you can edit them in TreadHunter.

The easiest way to edit fees for your account is to use this link:

My Account (My Account/My Profile/Profile Info).

If there are fees that are specific to only one store in your account, you can use the store edit page. Click Edit next the appropriate store after using this link:

My Stores (My Account/My Stores).