Winter tires/snow tires

Designed specifically to help provide better traction in freezing conditions. The pliable tread in winter tires remain soft in cold temperatures, making them different than all-season tires.

Vehicle placard

Vehicle’s are required to have placards with tire information in a general location and common format. Vehicle placards list tire sizes, tire pressure, load carrying capacity, and speed rating.


The Uniform Tire Quality Grading was created by the U.S. Department of Transportation to inform consumers of prevalent information needed to purchase tires.

Tread life

The expected life span of a tire before it needs to be replaced. The Penny Test can be used to determine the status of the tread life.

Tread depth

The measured distance from the bottome of a tire’s tread grooves to the tread surface. A 4/32 or deeper tread is good and anything less than 3/32″ means the tires need to be replaced soon.


The rubber part of a tire that makes contact with the road. Tire tread can often become worn and need to be retreaded over time.