How does “Automated Retail Pricing” work?

If TreadHunter has a relationship with a tire distributor (wholesaler) in your area, they will provide us with the wholesale prices for your tires. You then tell us your markup percentage above wholesale to arrive at your advertised prices on TreadHunter.

If TreadHunter does NOT have a relationship with a tire distributor (wholesaler) in your area, you can still easily have tires listed on TreadHunter. TreadHunter’s Automated Retail Pricing (ARP) system allows tire retailers to automatically price themselves relative to market pricing on about 2,000 tires.

We are constantly inspecting the market prices of existing online retailers in your area, and adjusting the base prices in ARP accordingly. You will be allowed to set your markup percentages against the average retail pricing in your area – for example, if you set yourself at 5% above average retail, and the average retail price for a tire is $150, your advertised price on TreadHunter will be $157.50 (plus relevant fees and charges). If you set yourself at 5% below average retail, your advertised price on TreadHunter will be $142.50. Or you could set your markup at 0% to match the average price.

Your prices will automatically be changed when the market price changes in your area. We will only advertise a particular tire on your storefront using ARP if:

  • You have indicated in your Markups data (Your Account/My Stores/Markups) that you do want to advertise a particular brand of tires, and
  • We have sufficient data (for example, three or more retail price sources) to accurately gauge the market price for that tire

Additional fees and taxes

When a consumer finds the tires they want from your store, TreadHunter displays an estimated cost of the tires including fees and installation charges. TreadHunter automatically adds state-wide fees to a consumer’s estimated cost, but if you have additional municipal or storewide disposal fees, you can edit them in TreadHunter.

The easiest way to edit fees for your account is to use this link:

My Account (My Account/My Profile/Profile Info).

If there are fees that are specific to only one store in your account, you can use the store edit page. Click Edit next the appropriate store after using this link:

My Stores (My Account/My Stores).