What Is TreadHunter Prime?

The TreadHunter Prime package provides all the features of the TreadHunter Standard package (an Internet presence, eCommerce purchasing, etc.) and adds many more very valuable features.

Receive Leads When a consumer is interested in a tire advertised in your vicinity, we will notify you immediately upon capturing his or her information. This will allow you to contact the consumer right as they are doing their research to purchase a particular tire.
Highlight Your Store Your store will be well highlighted in many areas of the TreadHunter site. Your store (and promotions, if you are running any) will be displayed on the home page to all consumers in your area. In addition, your store and promotions will be shown on the tire search results page for searches in your area.
Search Results Your store will sort to the top of the search results when a consumer searches for a tire. In addition, it will be highlighted with a “TreadHunter Featured Seller” badge to further differentiate your store from your competitors.
Promotions Unlimited brand and store promotions onto the storefront

Post manufacturer rebates

Local deals and coupons on TreadHunter front page automatically bypassing search pages

Stores highlighted in social media ads and links

Offer deals easily online to support instore and other media campaigns